Neutradol have teamed up with Doctor Seaweed to give one lucky reader the chance to win a 6 month supply of Doctor Seaweed’s supplements and a bundle of the new scented Neutradol ‘Fresh Lily’ & ‘Amber Glow’ carpet deodorizers.

Doctor Seaweed’s award-winning supplements support natural health & wellness through sustainable Scottish seaweed to help you look and feel wonderful. From boosted energy levels and a balanced metabolism, to healthy skin and reduced brain fog, seaweed is the original superfood. Doctor Seaweed is offering you the chance to win a 6-month supply of an award-winning Doctor Seaweed supplement of your choice, worth £192. Sustainable Scottish seaweed is the natural way to boost your energy levels, support metabolism, brain health and more.

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As the major carpet powder provider in the UK, Neutradol have introduced two fabulous new fragrances: Fresh Lily and Fresh Amber Glow, along with newly rebranded packaging across our current favourites Fresh Pink, Original and Super Fresh.

To get clean healthy fresh air you need to destroy bad smells, bad odours are nasty to live with and tough to shift, which is why you need safe to use Neutradol.

Other big brand air fresheners just cover up bad odours with synthetic perfume. Neutradol destroys the molecules that cause bad odours and keeps on eliminating smells after other air fresheners have stopped.

Also available from Neutradol in Original, Super Fresh and Fresh Pink fragrances are Air Freshener Sprays and Gel orbs. There are also products for smelly dustbins, Sniff n Purr for pet odours, Deofab for fabrics.

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